The most important MAN in our life

I recently talked to a young couple who just had their first baby.

It was a bit over a week old. I congratulated and asked the usual questions around such an event. The mother´s reactions and feelings are well known to me.

What gets me time and time again, if you have the chance to see a “new-born” Papa, is their reaction. I totally adore it.

It is …something like….awe. A fresh dad actually looks awe-struck, a bit overwhelmed and overpowered by this force of nature called creation. They all have a similar glazed look in the eyes and respond with sentences like; How unbelievably amazing creation is, “A miracle – it is a miracle”…

Yep, that´s a new dad and it is indeed very touching.

If he´s up beat with today, he´ll soon be getting up nights, changing diapers, going to pediatricians, evaluating kindergartens and schools, teaching and parenting methodologies and attending parent-teacher evenings, soccer games, horseback riding lessons, fishing trips and what have you.

A man becomes a superhero overnight or morning or whenever the case may be.

He grows into this supernatural being even more over the years to come.

Many books have been written about the bond between women and their fathers as well as sons and their fathers. Perhaps sons and daughters experience the relationship to their dad differently.

What I can imagine is NOT having a dad – they probably experience all the same.

Unluckily for many, they lose their dads, for whatever reason and lucky are those who find one in someone else; a grandpa, an uncle, a coach, an elder brother, a mentor at work, a teacher at school and the list goes on. Just as many women become mothers many men become fathers without ever actually being one.

So I shout out:

Happy Father´s Day!

to the men out there that are some kind of superhero for some child, teenager or young adult!

We, that is my family, is lucky, very lucky.

Our kids grew up with such a superhero. Always there for them, always encouraging them on, supporting their endeavors (if not always super enthusiastically) and always there to catch them in case they fell. They are very aware of this and shower their dad with love and appreciation not only on Father´s Day.

And the superhero from back in the days when the eyes glazed over and one felt awe…

still the same…with a big huge note of gratitude!

Happy Father´s Day Men!

Have an awesome day! You deserve it!


Mother´s Day

Mother´s Day is often about mom´s getting breakfast in bed from their adorable children, getting flowers and/or chocolate or receiving a hand crafted object made in Kindergarten or school.

Your kids show gratitude for the things you do that make them happy, feel cherished, safe and loved; like:

  • Reading their favorite bed time story – for the 100th
  • Suddenly not kissing them in public when their friends are near, but kissing and hugging them at home in private and when they really need it.
  • Letting them go to a party even if you aren´t wild about staying up `till midnight to pick them up – and even if they are the only one being picked up.
  • For not only saying they can call anytime – but meaning it.
  • Baking their favorite cake on their birthday, their favorite cookies for Christmas and cooking their favorite food when they need it.
  • Fill in the blank…

To all moms out there                    Happy Mother´s Day


But what about the Kindergarten and school teachers that supervised those precious gifts made for you to cherish? Or women that are perhaps not a biological mother at all – yet encompass all the attributes of a mother just the same. There are many teachers, doctors, scientists, artists, musicians, writers, politicians and neighbors all around the world that are women and have a passion to help, supervise, guide and lead, that nurture and heal, assure safety, defend rights, promote health, support growth and love full, warm heartedly and unconditionally. Thanks to you all and

Happy Mother´s Day! 

Then there is the other side of the medal

What does it mean to be a mother – as a mother?

I have three children and because of this have received many gifts in the past. I understand the tradition and it is a fun thing, but actually being a mother

IS The Gift

Everyday 24/7 – all year round.

Some of the many gifts besides the pictures, cards, flowers and crafted objects:

  • I did not know what awe was until experiencing the miracles of a child. How they grow and evolve into themselves, into the adults they become – into whom they are meant to be – not into whom someone thought they should be.
  • What responsibility really meant to me until I was at the end that everything I did, thought and said mattered (24/7).
  • I did not know how fierce, how brave, determined, creative, forgiving and grateful for the simplest and grandest of things I could become.
  • I did not know what would interest me, make me curious, change my definition of significance, entertain me, engage and inspire me.
  • I had no idea why I should leave my comfort zone again and again, acquire skills, and redefine purpose.
  • I did not know what it meant to let what you love most go, because it was never yours to keep.

For all of this I thank my children for

Without my children – I would have become a different person.

Surely not a bad one, but a different one for sure.


I shout out to ALL the children in my life and the ones to come, I say thank you on this day and any other, because you too have helped me grow and I expect in future still will.

Happy Mother´s Day


With lots of love,