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We have a sign at home, in our entry, that reads: Home is where our story begins

It is where we grow up. It is what we call it when we create our own. It is where THE most important people in our lives live and stop by to visit. For me – it has always been my most important place.

Bricks, mortar and beams are all up pretty soon, but it requires intention to make a house a home. After time, as we wonder through the different stages at home, we rearrange rooms and furniture, we grow into new interior, design, the dinnerware changes sometimes – so might the garden. We require different textures and materials for different seasons – setting different moods and enhancing senses. Forever changing and rearranging.

We hope to help create the beautiful background for the stages at your home – so you can make beautiful memories every day. We strive to find solutions to your tribulations, because we love serving you! We appreciate you choosing us and are committed to you receiving great products and solutions while enjoying the experience with us.

We try to stay aware of the fact of how fortunate we are at this time on the planet and committed to giving back in the ways possible to us. Whether supporting the locals in our community or to other organizations and causes we feel aligned with. Socially conscious and always having a sweet-spot for children and families in need, we share a portion of our profits whenever able to organizations that help make a difference in the world we all live in [SOS Kinderdorf, Lebenshilfe, Die Brück e.V.].

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Hey there! My name is Sandra and I am the gal behind Stages at Home.

Born and raised in Texas in the suburbs of Dallas [That explains the texts in English] – spoiled with beautiful summers and warmth all year around. We freaked out when there was ice. Quiet contrary to where I live now 😉

Having family in Germany as well as in the US – we moved to Germany and things were totally different back then, to say the least, but I loved Germany especially my grandparents, my Oma and Opa. I stayed, worked, married, had my children and built our home here.

Travel is inevitable if you have loved ones on two continents – so travel has always been a part of my life and that of my family´s. I love it. I also love the coming home bit, the familiar corner you turn, the hill you drive down, the trees and garden shrubs, the scent of everything around and about, the neighbors, the shops and bakery.

Now I am at a stage in my life, where I quit the safety and comfort of normal jobs to do what I always wanted to do – surround myself with beauty and anything that helps and enhances a home.

Well aware of the many memories made along the way and that it was never about the things, but the presence and joy shared – sometimes also sorrows. And still….the background did have a say in all the memories. It holds the memories we share and outlines the stories we tell; about grandma´s best china and who broke the cup… Never perfect, although intended to be – that intention is the essence surrounding the old photographs, that intention is what made and makes up your home– that intention weaves into the memories retold today and the stories to be told some other day.

I love what I do – it is that simple ♥

Sandra Kratzer

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